Ms. Sushmita Thadhani

Ms. Sushmita Thadhani



Hey, this is Sushmita here.

I’m a certified dietician, have many clients all over India, have been a part of many weight loss stories, so if you consult me and follow what i say and mention in the diet, you will definitely lose weight, infact not only weight but fat too.
So I’ll give you a proper diet plan  based on your schedule, your likes dislikes, according to your weight, height, workout intensity, age everything. Its like a customised diet plan. And if you follow it, you will definitely lose weight! I have more than 100 satisfied clients and I’m sure you’ll be one of them. Will definitely help you out and . I just charge Rupees 3000 for a month for a diet plan that will last you the entire month which is quite affordable so that i can help everyone in attaining their goal, Thankyou!



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Male, Female.

Ms. Sushmita Thadhani

BSC Chemistry
K11 certified sports nutritionist
Fat loss diets
Muscle gain diets
Detox diets