Mr. Ashtad Rustomji

Experience:7 years

Mr. Ashtad Rustomji

Fitness Trainer


“I’m a researcher and an analyst in the field of study of violence
and criminal behavior. I’m also a MMA Coach, A Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness coach as well.
I offer Weight Training programs for muscle gain and strength development, Cardio for
stamina and endurance development, and Calisthenics and Functional workouts for lean
muscle gain, developing dexterity and aesthetically pleasing physique. I also offer Diet
and Nutrition Consultations in one-on-one sessions for all ages. My training uses a
scientific approach to physical development.”



Gender Preference:

Male, Female.

Mr. Ashtad Rustomji

Martial Arts Training.
Mixed Martial Arts Coaching.
Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (Functional JKD and JKD Concepts).
Boxing Coaching For Amateurs, Pros and Everyday individuals.
Kickboxing for ring combat.
Kickboxing for physical fitness, skill development, coordination, balance and cardio.
Grappling and Wrestling courses based in Ju-Jutusu and Dumog (Filipino Wrestling).
Weapons Training for Knife, Stick, Bo-Staff Long Irish Cane, Improvised
Spontaneous and Environmental Weapons.
Self Protection training for Women.
Self Defense and Self-Protection Training For men.
Conflict Management Seminars and Gatherings.
Combatives Training Programs for Security Personnel, Bodyguard/VIP/Close
Protection Personnel, Bouncer/Club Security.
Law Enforcement and Military specific training.
Weight Training programs for all age-groups.
Cardio programs.
Calisthenics and Functional Training Programs."
Calisthenics and cardio
Weight Training