Traditional Maharashtrian Cuisine

History of Maharashtrian Food

This Cuisine established in the 17th century with the birth of Maratha empire by Shivaji Maharaj. Food is the most important part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage. The meal included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal delicacies balanced with different taste and flavors. This cuisine based on the mostly ayurvedic principle. Thus, they include rice, roti, vegetable, dal all in 1 thali. But the uses of coconut and groundnuts are on a higher side in this cuisine.

Food Culture

Malwani & Saraswat Cuisine

Malwan comes under the coastal region of Maharashtra. Malawan is a land of seafood and coconut. Key Ingredients of Malwani food culture are- Coconut, kokum, amsul, tamarind, raw mango and rice. Saraswat cuisine is generated by Saraswat brahmins of west coastal area. This cuisine originally hails from goan region.

The staple food of Malwani & Saraswat Cuisine​ is-

Kombdi Vade


Phansachi Bhaji




Tandlachi Bhakri


Kalya Vatanyachi Aamti

Kuldachi Pithi


Khandeshi Cuisine:

One of the spiciest cuisines of Maharashtra. Key Ingredients of this cuisine are- Peanut Oil,Dry coconut and lavangi mirchi. This cuisine is very famous for their kala masala preparation.

The staple food of Khandeshi is-

Sev Bhaji

Pudachi Vadi

Dal Gandori

Khandeshi Chicken Curry

Khandeshi Papad

Vangyache Bharit

Kolhapuri Cuisine:

After Khandeshi cuisine this is the second spiciest cuisine of Maharashtra. This cuisine is very famous for its own Kolhapuri special masala. Which they used for all Veg and Non-Veg preparation.

The staple food of Kolhapuri Cuisine is-

Tambda Rassa

Pandhara Rassa

Kolhapuri Misal

Kolhapuri Bhel

Sweet Delicacies included in Maharashtra Cuisine-




Tandalachi Kheer


Snack Delicacies included in Maharashtra Cuisine-




Kothimbir Vadi



Sabudanyachi Khichdi

Batata Vada

Zymin Nutrition Meter Rating –

The Maharashtrian food is delicious and healthy at the same time. Coconut is been used in cooking curries which increases the fat content of the meal. The food is well known for the spiciness and masalas used in it. The food could be more healthy if oil and spices are used moderately in cooking.

Cuisine Rating – 6

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