The Best Yoga Playlist- Top 10 International tracks that you should listen while practicing Yoga

Many might argue that you should not listen to music while practicing Yoga. But in today’s rapid and chaotic lifestyle we could only practice yoga without music if we go into the deep forest or any peak of the Himalayas. Listening to music while practicing Yoga helps us to stay focused and relaxed- we are not talking about any EDM music or any Bollywood party music; such music will definitely turn your Yoga class in to a DJ eve. Well, so the point here is music has the power to either make or break a Yoga session. Here is the list of 10 most soothing and calm international songs which give out positive vibes and you should give it try to practice Yoga and playing these songs in the background.

  • Yes, it’s the name of the song- our generation might probably call it ‘hashtag forty-one’. This song by Dave Matthews Band is so powerful that, starting your yoga session with this song will completely disconnect you with the daily stress and anxiety and bring you to the peace mode. Here is the link to the song-
  • Good Good Time: It doesn’t matter if you don’t concentrate on the lyrics, the vibes which this song gives out are totally refreshing. This makes it a must listen song while practicing Yoga- again by Dave Matthews Band. Here is the link-
  • Midnight: Who wouldn’t love this Coldplay song in their “me time”? If you haven’t heard this, then you are missing out on the best Yoga track. Here is the link-
  • Blue Ridge Mountains: Just hearing the name of this song makes you imagine yourself on the Himalayan peaks. This song by Fleet Foxes is an extremely pleasing one; you can do the best meditation when this song is being played in the background. Hear it now-
  • Into Dust: We bet this song will make you fully engrossed in your Yoga session. Calm, rejoicing and a merry rhythm makes this song, by Mazzy Star, a perfect one to be in Yoga playlist. Here is the link-
  • Calgary: This song by Bon Iver will definitely add life and a conscious to your yoga session. You will notice the rhythm to your postures and poses. Here is the link to the song-
  • Eastern Glow: This song is so rejuvenating that apart from east- it even brings a glow to the west, north and south of your body. The song by Album leaf takes you deep into meditation. Glow up your Yoga sessions by adding this song to your playlist today.
  • Orange Sky: The vibes that this song emits are so strong that when this song is being played in the background, you wouldn’t come to know even if the tsunami or an earthquake struck you. Here this song by Alexi Murdoch-
  • Holiest: It just goes with the name- this song by Glass Animals is so holy that after hearing this you wouldn’t have to ever go to take a dip in the Holy Ganges. Purify your soul by hearing this song-
  • To be alone: You would never want to end your Yoga session when you play this song by Hozier in the background- you would want to go on and on, into a different realm. Here it now and add it on your playlist-

You will visibly find the difference in your Yoga sessions and the after effects of the Yoga session when you start practicing Yoga to the rhythms and vibes of the above songs. These 10 are a “must have in your playlist” songs for a totally rejuvenating experience of Yoga.

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