Popular Punjabi Cuisine for Foodies

History of Punjabi Food

North Indian cuisine is the most diverse and enjoyed food all over the world. It offers a wide variety of lip-smacking paradise of various foods in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. Saffron and creamy nut gravy are all been influenced by the moghuls that ruled there. The crops which are cultivated in the areas are wheat, maize, mustard, bajara, toor etc

Food Culture


      Delhi is the heart of north India. This place is a perfect paradise for food lovers. Right from the street food to the restaurant you would find delicious food here. As people from the different part on India came and settled here the food which is available are blend of each part on India.

The staple food of Delhi is-


Chole Bhature

Aloo Tikki


Aloo Sabzi

Papri Chaat


                      The people in Chandigarh are all time food lovers. The food over here is spicy and the use of oil and ghee is used liberally. The food here mostly consists of naan, paratha, wheat-based roti with gravy. The food is been cooked with traditional punjabi tadaka in it.

The staple food of Chandigarh is-

Punjabi Chhole

Dal Makhni


Sarson ka Daag

Makki di Roti

Amritsari Fish

Butter Chicken

Punjabi Lachha Paratha


            The Haryana cuisine is mostly vegetarian. The food is simply not so fussy. They are obsessed with their roti so you can find end number of rotis here. Haryana is known for its cattle wealth so milk and, milk products are used in cooking. The lassi is famous worldwide. Ghee and spices are used in cooking.

The staple food of Haryana is-

Mixed Dal

Hara Dhaniya Choliya



Bajra Khichdi

Alsi ki Pinni



Zymin Nutrition Meter Rating –

Punjabi  food is no doubt the tastiest food not only in India but also loved worldwide. The food has been cooked here are rich in dry fruits and cream which increases the fat content of the food. The use of oil and ghee is also high. The nutrition content of Punjabi food is high in fat, moderate protein and carbohydrates.

Cuisine Rating – 6

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