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10 Actors That Turned Vegetarian

Bollywood celebrities often create trends with their clothes, physique as well their life choices. They even have a number of people who follow them and so, it is important that they maintain a healthy image in public. When it comes to health and fitness, actors are perhaps the most influential as they are in shape […]

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5 Weight Loss Benefits of Swimming

If you consider the main aims of any fitness regime – to lose weight, improve fitness and build muscles– there are few sports that tick all the boxes as effectively as swimming. On top of all that, swimming provides a full-body workout with minimal risk of injury, which makes it an excellent choice for cross-training. […]

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5 reasons why massages are not just for pleasure

It helps your posture Most individuals are dealing with some kind of postural stress claims leading massage therapists. Stress often tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck. More advanced forms of postural stress show up as pain or weakness in the low back and gluteals caused by prolonged periods of sitting. Luckily, massage can […]

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Juices that are way more effective than medicine!

Every time you reach out to a fizzy drink or a “fruit juice” that is served to you from a tetra-pack, stop and read the ingredients mentioned on the packaging. The various artificial flavors, preservatives and insane amount of sugar added to the drinks only deteriorate their nutritional value and are responsible for obesity, diabetes […]

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5 main exercises behind every cricketer’s fitness

Cricket is a gentleman’s game but the process of being a good cricketer is not very gentle. From batting to standing hours on the field, fitness for cricketers is a must. Be it Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni or AB DeVilliers; all the cricketers do these 5 exercises for their basic core fitness. Freehand Jump Squats: […]

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6 Tasty Superfoods that help in weight loss

1.Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese nutrition includes protein, phosphorous and calcium to name a few. Protein is the winner here with 28 grams in one cup of low-fat (1 percent) cottage cheese. Some of the best benefits of cottage cheese include:- – Builds bones and treats Osteoporeosis – Contains B12 – Helps the body detox while providing […]

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5 Fitness Secrets of Parineeti Chopra

This Punjabi girl in Bollywood has won millions of hearts with her acting talent and her journey from fat to fit is even more inspiring. This bubbly girl hogged a lot of limelight because of her weight loss journey, but that wouldn’t have been easy for her if she hadn’t followed these 5 things. Accept […]

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