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6 Tasty Superfoods that help in weight loss

1.Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese nutrition includes protein, phosphorous and calcium to name a few. Protein is the winner here with 28 grams in one cup of low-fat (1 percent) cottage cheese. Some of the best benefits of cottage cheese include:- – Builds bones and treats Osteoporeosis – Contains B12 – Helps the body detox while providing […]

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5 Bollywood divas who are growing fitter and fitter since the 90’s

Bollywood has always been a world of glamour and fame. There are a few actresses in Bollywood whose looks do not reveal their age at all and will remain young forever. Their looks and shape aren’t any magic of cosmetics but their fitness has kept them in the best shape and younger than the young […]

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Top 10 Mind Blowing Benefits of Yoga

“Yoga”- The word itself sounds so refreshing and spiritual. The benefits of yoga surely cannot be counted on fingers but once you start practicing yoga regularly, you can visibly see yourself getting transformed. Here are few benefits that you can count on your fingers. De-stress & Mind Booster:A few minutes of Yoga in the mornings […]

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5 Hobbies of your favourite celebrities that you must follow

We started following them because of their performances on the screen but here are a few off the screen habits of these celebrities which we must follow in order to reach the skies and be successful in life. Hrithik Roshan:The first thing that comes to our minds on hearing his name is his well-toned physique. […]

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5 Indian Business Tycoons who are Healthy and Whealthy

You might have heard the stories about hard work and dedication of the successful businessmen, but what keeps them running? How would they work so hard if their bodies didn’t support them? The one thing that keeps them going along with their dedication and genius minds is their Fitness. Here are the top 5 Indian […]

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