Top 10 Mind Blowing Benefits of Yoga

“Yoga”- The word itself sounds so refreshing and spiritual. The benefits of yoga surely cannot be counted on fingers but once you start practicing yoga regularly, you can visibly see yourself getting transformed. Here are few benefits that you can count on your fingers. De-stress & Mind Booster:A few minutes of Yoga in the mornings […]

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5 Fitness Secrets of Parineeti Chopra

This Punjabi girl in Bollywood has won millions of hearts with her acting talent and her journey from fat to fit is even more inspiring. This bubbly girl hogged a lot of limelight because of her weight loss journey, but that wouldn’t have been easy for her if she hadn’t followed these 5 things. Accept […]

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5 Hobbies of your favourite celebrities that you must follow

We started following them because of their performances on the screen but here are a few off the screen habits of these celebrities which we must follow in order to reach the skies and be successful in life. Hrithik Roshan:The first thing that comes to our minds on hearing his name is his well-toned physique. […]

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5 Indian Business Tycoons who are Healthy and Whealthy

You might have heard the stories about hard work and dedication of the successful businessmen, but what keeps them running? How would they work so hard if their bodies didn’t support them? The one thing that keeps them going along with their dedication and genius minds is their Fitness. Here are the top 5 Indian […]

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5 Ultimate Spa Resorts in India

Going for sightseeing when you are on a vacation is worth enjoying, but would you call it a vacation if it doesn’t refresh your mind, body and your soul? This blog will show you the best spa resorts that you should definitely not miss on your vacation to get a completely refreshing massage therapy. Here […]

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Top 5 Untold Benefits of Massage

Ever had a massage? If not then you are surely missing out one of the best things that you could do in your leisure. Taking a couple of hours off your humdrum schedule and going to the spa to get a massage not only sounds cool and modern, but you might want to know its […]

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5 Best Massage Therapies based on your needs

Just hearing the word massage makes you feel so relaxed, isn’t it? The moment one thinks of massage, you start evoking yourself at a luxurious spa like one of your favorite Bollywood celebrities. Massage has always been the best therapy for a physical and moreover even mental de-stress. A good massage is truly a treat […]

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