Amazing Assamese Cuisine you should try once

History of Assamese Cuisine

The east, west, and north Assam is enriched by rivers and plains which provides fresh vegetables and an abundance of fish which gives diversity to their cuisine. The use of local and fresh ingredients constitutes an important part of the cuisine. The food is mostly made by very little use of spices and using of exotic fruits and vegetables which are either fresh, dried or fermented.

Staple Food Of Assam


Khaar is an nonvegetarian dish.It is made by using raw papaya , pulses, taro in mustard oil. The curry is usually served with steamed rice . Its delicious as well as healthy.

Maasor Tenga

The fish curry is made by using everything sour which gives it a distinct flavor. The ingredients which are usually used are outenga, tomato and lemon. This is the most loved dish of assam.

Aloo Pitika

Aloo pitka is also known as comfort food. It is a simple dish which is served with rice and dal. The ingredients usually used are mashed potato, onion, mustard oil, coriander and salt.

Other Popular Dishes of Assamese:

Xaak Aru Bhaji

Ouu khatta

Paro Mankho


Zymin Nutrition Meter Rating –

The Assamese food usually has  a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and fish been used. The oil used in cooking is mostly mustard oil which increases the fat content of the food. Overall the cuisine is high in fat and moderate in protein, carbohydrates fats.

Cuisine Rating – 6

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