Akshay Kumar’s Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle

Akshay Kumar fitness regime even started before his Bollywood journey. He is a black belt in Taekwondo and became an expert in martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand while working their as a chef. The Bollywood celebrity follows an extremely disciplined life and likes to mix different workout routines to avoid getting bored.

Workout Routine:

Akshay’s fitness mantra is “Health Matter Most”. The fitness freak has shaped his toned and sporty body through martial arts, adventurous sports, natural therapy and disciplined lifestyle. He plays basketball and enjoys trekking. He prefers climbing staircase when hard to get time for martial arts, especially during movie shoots. During the shooting of the movie “Singh is King”, he climbed 74 floors in Singapore. His workout regimen is focused upon the fitness of the body instead of muscular one, so he completely disagrees with food supplements and steroid to make muscles. His fitness mantra and workout regimen revolves around an array of exercises which he likes to practice on rotation basis.

  • He wakes up bright and early at 4:30 am and starts his day with a rejuvenating swim lasting an hour long.
  • Then he spends an hour on martial arts, yoga and stretching
  • He spends another hour during the day on meditation.

Diet Plan:

The Khiladi star likes to eat a balanced diet and prefers home cooked foods to keep himself fit and healthy. He confesses that the secret of his awesome physique is his home cooked food. In some interviews, the self-made actor confessed that he finishes his dinner by 6 in the evening. He has also distanced himself from liquor, smoking and partying. Another interesting fact about him is that he has never tasted tea or coffee. His diet plan is as follows:

  • Breakfast: Parathas with a glass of milk
  • NoonA bowl of fruits
  • Lunch: Roti, dal, green vegetables, chicken and a bowl of curd
  • Evening: A glass of fresh juice without sugar
  • Dinner: His dinner includes soup, salads, and veggies.

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