ABOUT zymin

When your nation is the 2nd most unhealthy state, how can a Merchant Navy professional stay calm?

Our CEO & Founder, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, had undergone a huge health & fitness transformation for his wedding. Like all other individuals, he gave his time to intensive personal training & tried all diets possible for months. He achieved his desired goals for his wedding, but along with the same, he learned many more things, in the process too.

He realized that people in India, have many health issues, however, to tackle them they have different sources, but limited. There are Gyms, but they are not so close to your house. There are Fitness studios, but getting personal training attention there, can always be our dream. Equipment is many in the studio, but when you go to workout, they are always occupied. Most important all this together also tends to make a big hole in your pocket.

Mumbai is a city, which never sleeps & people never stop here. Their lives are fast & they are always running busy. With such a schedule, booking a gym appointment, preparing 1 hour before & taking some more time to come back, will definitely not be easy. But taking care of your health is really very Important. So now the question arises how?

Zymin Fitness Private Limited has the same design model, which allows you to achieve good health & fitness, in the comfort of your home. Here we save your time to travel to the gym/ studio and instead send the personal trainer at your place. We believe in 360-degree fitness and that is the reason, we serve physical training as well as Nutrition.

As the trainers will be coming directly to your home, it is important that they are certified as well as checked for safety, and we at Zymin Fitness Pvt Ltd, check the same for you with our Highly accurate process.

We have taken the first steps to bring Fitness at your home, now it’s your turn to take the first step and set a Fitness Goal.