5 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Massage


Turn of your cell phone:

It is so obnoxious to be giving (or receiving) a nice relaxing massage only to hear text messages, calls, and alarms going off. Putting it on vibrate is often not enough.  When you are lying on the table and hear that buzzing in your purse, you automatically tense up.  You get out of that space of relaxation and are suddenly wondering who is calling or texting.  Now there is something happening on your phone and you don't know what it is.  Just turn your cell phone off.

Play Soft Music:

In order to have a pleasurable and relaxing experience play soft, preferably instrumental, music. This will allow you to experience your massage better and will ensure you are relaxed and feel refreshed.


Shower before your session:

Good hygiene is extremely important when getting a massage as it will help the massage therapist be more comfortable and therefore lead to a better experience. Try to have clean feet, nails, hair, and skin in general.



If you don’t like something, you have to let me know in order for it to change.  Don’t be afraid to speak up about things like techniques, music, heat, etc. In case you have any medical injuries or any major surgeries always be sure to let your massage therapist know so that they avoid causing you any harm.


Hydrate after your massage:

It’s particularly important to hydrate after your session. Like a workout, muscles become dehydrated after a massage. You have to replenish all that lost water by drinking more. Then there’s metabolic waste, which is produced by muscles. When your muscles are tight or you have a knot, it constricts circulation in those areas. That inhibits the body’s ability to flush out waste. Drinking water post-massage allows the kidneys to effectively eliminate
the new waste.


Switch on the Air Conditioner:

It is important to switch on the air conditioner during a massage. The massage therapist puts in a lot of effort and energy while giving a massage which can cause them sweat. This is unhygienic as the sweat can be
transferred onto you during the massage.



Be late:

Never keep the massage therapist waiting for you. He/She probably has other appointments after yours. Requesting to extend the appointment due to a delay on your end is also never appropriate.


Hold your Breath:

Sometimes, without realising it, we tend to hold our breath. But during a massage, particularly when the therapist is working out a knot, it’s crucial to breathe. In fact, it’s important to breathe fully and deeply. It’s especially
important to oxygenate the blood supply to aid tense muscles. Deep and slow breathing, according to research has even been reported as a complementary approach in the treatment of chronic pain.

Avoid if sick:

Getting a massage while sick can make you feel worse by pushing the illness through your body more quickly.  Fever is also a contraindication for a massage, meaning that you should not receive massage if you have one.


Workout after a massage:

Working out immediately after a massage is not a great idea since you’re likely to stress and strain the muscles that were just relaxed. Plus, you’ll run the risk of being too tired and injure yourself. In fact, it’s best to wait about 24 hours before working out.


Eat before a massage:

Enjoying a big meal before you have a massage stimulates digestion. Not to mention it may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Your best bet is to eat a light meal about two hours beforehand to allow for digestion. Being uncomfortably full will just ruin your experience.

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