5 reasons why massages are not just for pleasure

It helps your posture

Most individuals are dealing with some kind of postural stress claims leading massage therapists. Stress often tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck. More advanced forms of postural stress show up as pain or weakness in the low back and gluteals caused by prolonged periods of sitting. Luckily, massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting, which means you can keep your desk job as long as you schedule a regular massage.


It eases muscle pain

Got sore muscles? Massage therapy can help. Massage increases and improves circulation. Just like rubbing your elbow when you knock it on a table helps to relieve the pain. A study conducted in 2011, found that massage therapy is as effective as other methods of treatment for chronic back pain.


It soothes anxiety and depression

Human touch, in a context that is safe, friendly and professional, can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. Women diagnosed with breast cancer who received massage therapy three times a week reported being less depressed and less angry. Another such study found that patients who were depressed and anxious were much more relaxed and happy, and had reduced stress levels after a massage.


It improves sleep

Not only can massage encourage a restful sleep-it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest. Massage promotes relaxation and sleep in those undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. Also, massages help infants sleep more, cry less and be less stressed.


It boosts immunity

A massage can boost patients’ white blood cell count (which plays a large role in defending the body from diseases). Additionally, it also improves immune function for individuals with HIV. Massages also decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches and can immediately reduce pain in patients with chronic tension headaches.

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