5 main exercises behind every cricketer’s fitness

Cricket is a gentleman’s game but the process of being a good cricketer is not very gentle. From batting to standing hours on the field, fitness for cricketers is a must. Be it Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni or AB DeVilliers; all the cricketers do these 5 exercises for their basic core fitness.

Freehand Jump Squats:

Ever wondered how do our favorite cricketers take those jump catches on the boundary? This exercise builds their ability to that stunt. Jump Squats help strengthen your thighs more than the normal squats do and helps them to jump higher. Along with it, this exercise also improves agility and quickness.

Torso Twist Lunges:

This is the secret behind the amazing side dive catches taken on the slip and Yuvi’s favorite pull shot over the boundary. These torso twist lunges strengthens your legs and improves hip and torso mobility- this helps the cricketers to easily hit pull shots over the boundary and dive for amazing catches. This helps the fast bowlers too.

Rotator Cuff:

In cricket, it is said that, “The stronger the shoulders, the stronger is the team.” This is because strong shoulders are necessary for everyone in the game- the bowler needs it to bowl well, the fielder needs it to throw well and a batsman needs it to hit well. And this is what rotator cuff does. Rotator cuff is actually the name of the muscle and there are several variations to strengthen this muscle.


The main benefits of this exercise is that it strengths your lower back, hips and hamstrings. So this is important for all the cricketers irrespective of their specialty. It also improves your grip strength to have a better grip of the bat or the ball. And as lower back and hamstrings are the most crucial parts of a sportsman’s body- Deadlift contributes to overall strength and power.

Neutral grip pull-ups:

Each of the 3 grips while doing pull-ups serves different purpose. Neutral grip engages the arm more than back and shoulders, unlike a regular grip. Neutral grip pull-ups improves forearm and biceps strength. Your favorite helicopter shot is hit perfectly and at a long distance by doing neutral grip pull-ups.

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