5 Indian Business Tycoons who are Healthy and Whealthy

You might have heard the stories about hard work and dedication of the successful businessmen, but what keeps them running? How would they work so hard if their bodies didn’t support them? The one thing that keeps them going along with their dedication and genius minds is their Fitness. Here are the top 5 Indian business tycoons who are filthy rich but make sure to dedicate some time for their fitness every day.

  • Anil Ambani: You might have obviously seen him in the Mumbai Marathon, but that is not the only time he is concerned about his fitness. He is extremely conscious about his health and he kicks off on the treadmill at 4.00am daily. He forgets his VIP status and on dedicated days every week, he goes for a jog on Marine Drive and seeing him there is a common sight for morning joggers.
  • Aditya Godrej:He is the chairman of the Godrej group and at the age of 75, this man is more adventurous than many of us. He likes to workout in nature and consistently dedicates 10 hours a week for working out. What excuse you got?
  • Anand Mahindra:57 year old chairman and managing director of Mahindra and Mahindra runs as good as his cars do. He is an avid runner and follows a strict routine when it comes to fitness. Do you still need motivation?
  • Rashesh Shah:He is the chairman of Edelweiss Group and a regular tennis player. He is also a regular runner and completely fit. He says that working out makes him more productive at work and dedicates his success to fitness.
  • Samir Thapar:He is the chairman and managing director of JCT. He not only goes to gym 5 days a week but he is also very strict about his diet. He leads his business efficiently because he knows the mantra to be calm and fit.

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