5 Hobbies of your favourite celebrities that you must follow

We started following them because of their performances on the screen but here are a few off the screen habits of these celebrities which we must follow in order to reach the skies and be successful in life.

  • Hrithik Roshan:The first thing that comes to our minds on hearing his name is his well-toned physique. Building a physique like him is not at all an easy job; it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Hrithik never skips his workout and makes time for it, no matter how ever busy he might be. He is very dedicated and punctual when it comes to working out. It is not the workout here, but we got to learn to be dedicated and punctual like him.
  • Nargis Fakhri:The one habit you got to adapt from her is not an abstract one but in fact our elders tell us this thing many a times, “Beta, paani jyaada piya kar.” Yes Nargis Fakhri drinks too much of water daily which keeps her hydrated, extremely fresh and ever glowing. She says drinking too much of water keeps her lively, fresh and maintains her concentration levels.
  • Akshay Kumar:You might know that Akshay Kumar wanted to join the Indian Army as his dad, but unfortunately he didn’t get selected so he is here in Bollywood. Even after being in the industry, he keeps himself away from stardom and is very strict with himself. For him discipline and a scheduled routine is of utmost important- even though he didn’t get selected in Army, he possesses this quality of a true army man. Akshay Kumar believes that you won’t attain success unless you go strict on yourself and follow a disciplined routine.
  • Alia Bhatt: Young and gorgeous- isn’t she? Yes that beauty was a god’s gift but god doesn’t help you to maintain your beauty, you got to do that on your own. So what does Alia do to grow more and more beautiful each day? We got to admire this and follow it in our lives too- she has cut down junk food and maintains her diet- she doesn’t cheat on her diet. Her only mantr to eat healthy and properly. The most important is to feed yourself right kind of nutrition.
  • Aamir Khan:Yes, we call him the perfectionist and this is what we got to learn from him. Agreed that no one is perfect but how much close you are to perfection is what matters. On the sets of his films, he himself tells the director to take retakes unless and until he is satisfied with his own acting.

So to sum it up- eat right, drink loads of water, stay punctual, dedicated and be disciplined to be a perfectionist. These habits are the reason why they are fit and successful today. You can’t be successful without keeping yourself fit. These habits won’t come to you overnight, you got to take them sincerely and soon you can see yourself transform.

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