5 Fitness Secrets of Parineeti Chopra

This Punjabi girl in Bollywood has won millions of hearts with her acting talent and her journey from fat to fit is even more inspiring. This bubbly girl hogged a lot of limelight because of her weight loss journey, but that wouldn’t have been easy for her if she hadn’t followed these 5 things.

  • Accept that you are unfit: This sets the rolling stone to your fitness journey- You wouldn’t go out for jog unless you accept that you are unfit and you need to get fit. Parineeti Chopra not only accepted it but even talked openly about feeling unfit and overweight- this in fact motivated her to get fit.
  • Meditation: For Parineeti Chopra meditation grabbed her peace of mind and was the most helpful thing to stay away from distraction. She believes everyone should meditate for a couple of minutes before starting off their day, as this helps to set a plan of action for the day and keep distractions a mile away.
  • Regular Exercise: She says, just like a student needs to study regularly to be a good engineer, we need to exercise regularly to be in a good shape. It is not possible to get fit if you go to the gym one day and the next 3-4 days you enjoy your sleep.
  • Proper Diet: Just like a student gets his homework; maintaining proper diet is a homework for getting fit. This is what Parineeti believes and she was so firm in maintaining her diet that she even quit her favorite pizza though it wasn’t easy for her. Obviously where there is a will, there is a way.
  • No Excuses: Parineeti Chopra doesn’t believe in excuses- she believes in hard work. She says excuses make you live under a false impression of yourself- excuses are only meant to comfort yourself with a lie. If you give excuses, you are the one who loses. So even if you sleep late at night, it is not an excuse to miss the gym next day.

Just follow these simple secrets of Parineeti Chopra and watch yourself transform to fit, fitter, fittest. The next time you feel like skipping your workout, remember what this gorgeous Parineeti said.

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