5 Bollywood divas who are growing fitter and fitter since the 90’s

Bollywood has always been a world of glamour and fame. There are a few actresses in Bollywood whose looks do not reveal their age at all and will remain young forever. Their looks and shape aren’t any magic of cosmetics but their fitness has kept them in the best shape and younger than the young generation of Bollywood. Here is the list of 5 fittest Bollywood divas of 90s who are growing fitter year after year.

  1. Shilpa Shetty:  

The first name that comes to your mind on hearing Bollywood and fitness is obviously none other than Shilpa Shetty. Having one of the hottest bodies in the film fraternity, a greater credit goes to her love towards Yoga. She has released three audio-visual Yoga CDs covering yogasanas and pranayama. She has expertise on yoga and feels that yoga has the power to sooth the body, mind and soul. According to her, yoga is the new way of life.

2 .Sushmita sen:

Her perfect body shape doesn’t reveal her age at all. She is still in such a good shape that she can be Miss Universe once again. She doesn’t like the idea of weight training but she does skipping, walking, running and strength training. Aerial silk is her favourite workout. She makes sure that she brings some kind of change in her workout schedule all the time as after one week. She thinks that working out has helped her a lot to keep her skin fresh and glowing.

3. Monica Bedi:

Monica Bedi’s dedication to her workout routine, is fit enough to beat any actress from the younger generation. She is totally a fitness freak and she is on her personal mission to promote fitness in each and every corner of India. She makes sure that she bring some kind of change in her workout schedule all the time. She has been invited to a number of group Yoga sessions across the country. Monica Bedi takes proper care of her diet and is always willing to walk an extra mile to maintain her shape.

4. Karishma Kapoor:

Though she has remained out of the industry for quite a long time, she hasn’t been out of her workout routine ever. Being a mother of 2 children, she manages to look like a daughter in her teens herself. She is not much fond of gyms. She maintains a personal Yoga instructor and makes sure to work out 3-4 times a week. Apart from Yoga she loves swimming and climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

5. Malaika Arora Khan:

At 40, she looks as fit as a 20 year old actress. Malaika is vastly famous for her bold looks and well-toned sexy and curvaceous figure. The sexy actress works hard to maintain her fitness and follows a balanced diet along with regular workout routine to stay fit.  She does kickboxing, pilates and medicine ball workouts to keep herself in the best shape.

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