Month: January 2019

Delicious Kashmiri Cuisine you must have once.

History of Kashmiri Cuisine The kashmiri cuisine is tasty as well as mouth watering. The cuisine is influenced by Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims which have certain similarities. Meat is usually been consumed here. Kashmiris are rice lovers that why they have a variety of rice preparations here. They are also heavy tea drinkers. Saffron […]

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Amazing Assamese Cuisine you should try once

History of Assamese Cuisine The east, west, and north Assam is enriched by rivers and plains which provides fresh vegetables and an abundance of fish which gives diversity to their cuisine. The use of local and fresh ingredients constitutes an important part of the cuisine. The food is mostly made by very little use of […]

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Most Famous Cuisines of Uttarakhand

History of Uttarakhand Food Uttarakhand is known as Deva-bhumi  due to a large number of Hindu Temples located there.The beautiful state of Uttarakhand is not only known for its beauty but also for its cuisine.The cuisine of Uttarakhand is simple and versatile.  The region of Kumaon and Garhwal is known for its tasty as well […]

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Popular Punjabi Cuisine for Foodies

History of Punjabi Food North Indian cuisine is the most diverse and enjoyed food all over the world. It offers a wide variety of lip-smacking paradise of various foods in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. Saffron and creamy nut gravy are all been influenced by the moghuls that ruled there. The crops which are […]

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Top Rajasthani Cuisines

History of Rajasthani Food Rajasthani cuisine arrived from the state of Rajasthani. Rajasthan is famed for its culture, food, and heritage. The specialty of this cuisine is that you can store this food for long days and can be eaten without heating. This cuisine is influenced by Raja-maharaja / warrior. Rajasthani people have spicy taste […]

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Authentic Gujarati Cuisines

History of Gujarati Cuisine Gujarati cuisine derived from the state of Gujarat which is situated in western India. Jainism and Vaishnav these are the most common and populated communities in Gujarat and because of these both communities the food habits are mostly Vegetarian. Gujarati cuisine is well known for their snack item. Gujarat is divided […]

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Traditional Maharashtrian Cuisine

History of Maharashtrian Food This Cuisine established in the 17th century with the birth of Maratha empire by Shivaji Maharaj. Food is the most important part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage. The meal included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal delicacies balanced with different taste and flavors. This cuisine based on the mostly ayurvedic principle. Thus, they […]

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Delicacies of South Indian Cuisine

History of South Indian Food South Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse and tasty cuisines of India. It is well known for its light meals and low-calorie food. History of South Indian cuisine has a lot to do with geographical locations. Every start of south India has a different Food culture. South Indian […]

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